Out of Hours Services

Each day – Monday to Friday the phone lines close at 6pm. If you need medical assistance outside surgery hours please hang up and call 111 and listen carefully to the instructions.

If you need to see a GP at the weekends for:

    • Urgent Medical Treatment
    • Urgent Medication
    • Urgent Medical Advice

Please call 111 will get you through to a team of fully trained call advisers who are supported by experienced nurses. They will ask you questions to assess your symptoms and give you the healthcare advice you need or direct you to the right local service. If they think you need an ambulance one will be sent just as quickly if you had dialled 999.

They can advise you whether you need to go to the nearest A&E (Accident and Emergency) or if there is an alternative such as visiting an NHS Walk-In centre. The nearest NHS Walk-In centre is located in A&E at Dewsbury Hospital.

Walk-In services can provide:

      • urgent initial treatment for emergencies such as suspected meningitis, asthma attacks and airway obstruction
      • treatment for minor injuries and illnesses such as cuts and wounds, sore throats, bites or stings, rashes and allergic reactions, coughs and colds, muscle or joint injuries, earache, eye injuries and infections
      • emergency contraception.

Walk-In services can not provide repeat prescriptions (without the approval of your registered GP unless in an emergency) medical certificates or Accident and Emergency.

If you experience severe chest pain, loss of consciousness or suspected broken bones go to your nearest A&E department or call 999.

Date published: 6th September, 2019
Date last updated: 6th September, 2019